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I need help logging in
Last Updated 4 years ago

Here are a few topics that might help you with an access issues you might be having with your GSA Software:

Question:  I don't know my username and password

  • ask your local in-office GSA administrator 
  • submit a ticket on this page and one of our Support Agents will assist you

Question:  I can't figure out how to reset my password

  • once you are logged into the System Menu, or any of the software modules, click on the text of your username in the upper right of the screen (note: if you click the lock icon, you will be logged out of the system
  • This will open a change password window in which you enter your new password

Question:  How do I launch any particular screen / module

  • When your first log into the GSA system, you will 'land' on the GSA System Menu
  • You will want to review this screen closely, to launch and applications, be sure you first select the dataset you want to view (Prod, 2020, 2019, 2018, Test, etc...) and then click the associated application icon

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